—————————————————————— The Past . . . ——————————————————————
  Linda Bailey

  Landscape Gardener

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 . . . and The Present ————

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——————————————————— 1978 Reunion Questionnaire ———————————————————

  1) The important people in my life (spouses, partners, children) are...  
My husband, Edwin de Bruijn, and children Truuske (2/26/95) and Saskia (5/18/97).

  2) I went to Westtown because…  
I needed a school that would challenge and stimulate me academically and where I wouldn't feel so socially isolated.

  3) My occupation is a Landscape Gardener and Westtown prepared me for it by …  

I am self-employed
as a landscape gardener. Westtown provided a strong liberal arts base to feed my "generalist" interests -- because being self-employed takes knowledge and skills in a variety of areas.

  4) My life’s greatest moments and challenges (to date) would be …  

Traveling around the world for 13 months with Edwin -- nearly 14 years ago now -- still lots of vivid memories and connections to the rest of the world

Having children -- creates amazing challenges and responsibilities but also chances for love and growth and hope for the future.

  5) Westtown’s most inspirational faculty, classmate, friend (multiple choices accepted) would have to be …  

No one person in particular, but finding a community that accepted me as I was was very important.
It meant a lot to find others with similar beliefs, interests and skills -- and also those with different ones.

  6) The most memorable time I broke the rules would be when I …  
(No response provided.)

  7) Was there a point in your life when you recognized any benefit from your time at Westtown?  
(No response provided.)

  8) Do you plan to attend the 25th year reunion in May?  
I won't attend because spring is a poor time for a gardener to travel and I still don't choose large social gatherings as a comfortable place to be.