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Click on the name of the classmate to view their full yearbook photo and senior class notes along with a recent picture and their response to the questionnaire that was mailed out earlier this winter.

Note: I am still working on making all of the yearbook photos and senior class notes available. Please be patient. I have given preference to those who have either responded to the questionnaire or sent me a recent picture of yourself and/or your family.

Albert, Ann
Backus, Dave
Baechler, Margaret
Bailey, Linda
Barbour, Heather
Beck, Hanno
Bergen, Don
Blake, Chip
Braouzo, Vicky
Brown, Chris
Burchell, David
Campbell, Carl
Carlson, Betsy
Caughey, Claire
Chase, Sue
Coate, Bob
Cofer, James
Cronister, Tim
Cross, Peter
Crossette, Jonathan
Dietshe, Maximilian
Doan, John
Doyle, Kevin
Dugan, Jennifer
Duvall, Ted
Edwards, Susie
Evans, Debbie
Finneson, John
Fountain, Tony
Gloeckner, Robert
Goldstein, Mindy
Grow, Amanda
Hall, Mike
Harper, Holly
Harrison, Colin
Haviland, Tom
Henderson, Scott
Herrin, John
Hodder, Morris
Hodges, Cathy
Hoskins, Anne
Johnson, Mariana
Johnston, Elizabeth
Julye, Vanessa
Kronfeld, Mercedes
Lam, Ralph
Leibman, Greg
Lenk, Charles
Lewis, Chip
Lindbeck, Kris
Marsden, Lori
Matlack, Meg
Maxwell, Kris
Miles, Cathy
Miller, Tim
Moon, Dave
Moore, Becky
Moroff, Maggie
Morris, Penny
Morrison, Christina
Narva, Sara
Nason, Debbie
Nejad, Kia
Newman, Rick
Norment, Marcia
Orr, Fiona
Peele, Trish
Perkins, Jennifer
Pratt, Becca
Quintero, Nancy
Reiner, Tanya
Renda, Bruce
Rockefeller, Ted
Sayre, Catherine
Schindler, Tom
Schonthal, Hanna
Schuberth, Ramona
Silver, Pam
Stonestrom, Eric
Strode, Brad
Thom, Margaret
Tillinghast, Rebecca
Toland, Robert
Vail, Gary
Van Roden, Julia
Waldhausen, Bob
Walker, Terry
Western, Margaret
Wheeler, Chris
Yuki, Hideo
Ziluca, Max
Zislis, Mike