—————————————————————— The Past . . . ——————————————————————


  Tanya Reiner English

  Holistic Doctor

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———————————————————— . . . and The Present ————————————————————

Samuel, Tanya, Ed, Betsy, and Liberty (l-r).

Tanya and Sam with his Poindexter glasses.

——————————————————— 1978 Reunion Questionnaire ———————————————————

  1) The important people in my life (spouses, partners, children) are...  
Ed, Samuel, Betsy, and Liberty.

  2) I went to Westtown because…  
there was a lake, orchard, trees and a great learning environment. The other kids seemed pretty cool. And it was AWAY....

  3) My occupation is a Holistic Doctor and Westtown prepared me for it by …  
Holistic Doctor with a license in Chiropratic. I had a well rounded education and was encouraged to study in areas that were of interest to me with an opportunity to explore my spiritual side.

  4) My life’s greatest moments and challenges (to date) would be …  
Graduating from Chiropractic college, raising two stepdaughters and a baby while running a private practice.

  5) Westtown’s most inspirational faculty, classmate, friend (multiple choices accepted) would have to be …  
Holly, Sue, Master Hugh, Teacher Susan Hadfield Noble.

  6) The most memorable time I broke the rules would be when I …  
... shiked with Lesley Miller to Jon Bailey's house to hang out by the pool
. I didn't break rules memorably until I was in college.

  7) Was there a point in your life when you recognized any benefit from your time at Westtown?  
When I was in college I really missed being able to sit in Meeting with my peers. later I realized how blessed I was to have experienced a unique way of going through my high school years.

  8) Do you plan to attend the 25th year reunion in May?  
Ed and I are going to come for certain. Sam may or may not come. We are invited to stay with Holly and Rick.