—————————————————————— The Past . . . ——————————————————————


  Michael Zislis

  Physical Therapist

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—— . . . and The Present ——

Mike with wife (Pam) and two daughters
(Emily on left and Abbie on right).

——————————————————— 1978 Reunion Questionnaire ———————————————————

  1) The important people in my life (spouses, partners, children) are...  
My wife Pam and our children, Abigail (8) and Emily (5).

  2) I went to Westtown because…  
My family and I were looking for a boarding school with a strong tradition of academics and athletics.

  3) My occupation is a Physical Therapist and Westtown prepared me for it by …  

Physical Therapist and owner of Serenity Assisted Living Residency as well as Precision Therapeutics - a small multi specialty rehabilitation group.

1) Westtown taught me to think creatively, 2) provided me with a strong foundation in basic study areas and, 3) provided an environment where sound time management was a necessity.

  4) My life’s greatest moments and challenges (to date) would be …  
(No response provided.)

  5) Westtown’s most inspirational faculty, classmate, friend (multiple choices accepted) would have to be …  

My advisor Jan Long, for his friendship and his advice to strive for a more worldly perspective, as well as his suggestion for me to see how many of my classmates I could fit into a phone booth. In reality or metaphorically - we'll never know!

My junior year roommate Chris Fox for his exceptional commitment and passion.

  6) The most memorable time I broke the rules would be when I …  
Skipped Meeting for Worship to get in an extra cross country training run. The strange and memorable part was, while a few of us were running through the orchard, we saw several other students streaking (i.e. without clothes) and hanging out (literally) in the apple trees. I thought it was some warped retribution from the Quaker meeting Gods.

  7) Was there a point in your life when you recognized any benefit from your time at Westtown?  
During my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. I felt well prepared for college life and the academic work was coming easily... more easily than at Westtown!

  8) Do you plan to attend the 25th year reunion in May?  
Yes, I'm coming by myself.