—————————————————————— The Past . . . ——————————————————————
  Robert Toland


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—— . . . and The Present ————

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——————————————————— 1978 Reunion Questionnaire ———————————————————

  1) The important people in my life (spouses, partners, children) are...  
Robert C. Toland (son, age 7) and Grace K. Toland (daughter, age 4).

  2) I went to Westtown because…  
It's a good school.

  3) My occupation is a Lawyer and Westtown prepared me for it by …  
I'm a lawyer. I'm an appellate attorney and represent clients such as Ford Motor Company throughout the U.S. I wouldn't say Westtown prepared me to be a lawyer, but it certainly prepared me for life. It also gave me the friends I have for life. And I have become a Quaker by conviction, although I confess I don't get there as often as I should.

  4) My life’s greatest moments and challenges (to date) would be …  

Moments: My greatest moments in life are every moment I'm with my kidos.

Challenges: My greatest (worst) feeling of challenge was the first night of homework for law school. I had to change my undies several times trying to get through 25 pages of contract law.

  5) Westtown’s most inspirational faculty, classmate, friend (multiple choices accepted) would have to be …  
My good friends from Westtown are Chip Lewis, Deb and Tom Nason, Mike Fisher, Ted Rock, Peter Cross, Brian Riley, Taylor Boyd, Rod Smith, J.T. Grosh, Judy McVicker (ph), and the list goes on and on.

  6) The most memorable time I broke the rules would be when I …  
I shiked four nights in a row and stayed awake for 100 hours straight. I then went to the infirmary and slept for 24 hours straight. Something I remain truly proud of today, not.

  7) Was there a point in your life when you recognized any benefit from your time at Westtown?  
Tough question. I guess not specifically.

  8) Do you plan to attend the 25th year reunion in May?  
My hope is to attend. Things have a way of coming up, but . . .